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Need a Boiler Replacement?

Boiler Replacement Image1 1Your central heating system relies heavily on your boiler. Living in a chilly climate means you can’t afford to be without it. The smart move is to think about your boiler replacement before it breaks down and leaves you without heating and hot water for days.

Repairing your boiler can be costly at times and delaying does not make it any less so. As we all know, old gas boilers are unreliable, which immediately correlates to the fact that they consume more energy than new boilers, resulting in high energy bills. A gas boiler replacement can save you as much as £300 a year on your energy bills, so it’s important to think about boiler replacement when the time is right.

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What types of boilers do you need?

There are three main boiler types available in the market. These are:

1. Combi boilers – the most popular type of boiler in the UK.

2. Regular boilers – also known as ‘heat only’ or ‘conventional’ boilers.

3. System boilers – system boilers require an additional hot water cylinder

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Get your new gas boiler from 24|7 Home Rescue

At 24|7 Home Rescue, we offer one of the most reliable boiler brand on the market:

  • Ideal

If you are looking for a reliable and feasible way to upgrade your heating system, you can trust 24|7 Home Rescue to deliver great results.
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How much does a new boiler cost?

When you speak to one of our heating experts, we’ll ask you for some details about your house and what you need. We have a range of different ways to pay for your new boiler, from a simple cash option to a ten-year package that includes annual servicing and any repairs that might be required to your central system throughout the ten-year life of the boiler.

Finance options

Would you prefer to finance your new boiler installation? We have a range of flexible finance options to suit your needs. These include no deposit options and packages that stretch between two and ten years.

Try our free online tool today to receive your quote.

How long does the process take?

In most cases we can install your gas boiler as soon as tomorrow if you need us to and can also be there for gas boiler replacement. We’ll need to speak to you on the phone to understand your needs and will survey your property via video call. We’ll then order the equipment needed and our engineer will be present at your designated property the next day.  If it’s not convenient to arrange a video call, we can make an appointment with one of our heating experts to visit you at your home and survey the property in person.

Most of the time our engineer will complete your new gas boiler installation in one day, although if complications occur it can take longer. Get a new boiler quote and let us handle the rest.

When do I need a new boiler Installation?

It’s important to have your gas boiler serviced every year, as you do your car. With proper care, most boilers will last between 10-15 years. However, you shouldn’t wait for your boiler to break down as an old boiler can be very inefficient and could be costing you hundreds of pounds in wasted energy.

It is probably best to have a new boiler replacement or fitting during the summer, as you tend to be less reliant on your central heating at this time. However, we’re all human and often put this sort of thing off until the winter, when we suddenly realise how much we rely on our boilers!

Unsure whether you need a new boiler? You can cover your existing boiler with our boiler cover policies.

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Be careful who you use to fit your new boiler

You don’t have to use 24|7 Home Rescue, but all gas boiler installations should be conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Every 24|7 Home rescue engineer is Gas Safe registered, so with us, you’re in safe hands. We would love you to give us a chance. You can get a quote in less than sixty seconds.

Start your search for a new boiler by getting a free quote today.