24|7 Home Emergency Cover

Your home safety is our priority!

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    Get cover for blocked drains, burst pipes, and electrical failure.
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    Be assured regarding the safety and security of your home.
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    Protect your home from pest infestations.
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    Get assistance from certified engineers.

Home Essentials

Plumbing, Electricity and more
£ 4.99 /MONTH



Home Electrics

Home Security

Pest Control



At 24|7 Home Rescue, we specialise in providing your home and property with home emergency cover. Our home essentials insurance can provide you with peace of mind, leaving you feeling secure in the fact that you are covered in case of an emergency.

The best home emergency cover, includes:

Landlord home
emergency cover
Plumbing and
electrical cover
Home security
Pest control
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About Home Emergency Cover

Is the Home emergency cover worth it?

Home emergency cover is a type of insurance that covers the cost of emergency fixes done to your main utilities i.e., Water leakage, drainage, and electrical faults. Home emergency cover isn’t compulsory, but if you’re a homeowner or landlord and want reassurance that emergencies or breakdowns can be dealt with quickly, home emergency cover is necessary for your home’s safety and security.

Should I get home emergency cover?

You should get home emergency cover to gain peace of mind. Emergency situations like plumbing and drainage, home electrics, home security,and a pest infestation can occur within your property suddenly and unexpectedly. So, knowing that you have a team of experts on backup for your assistance can give a great sense of security.

However, if you want an insurance policy for your boiler and central heating system along with the above services, look at our complete range of boiler cover policies.

What does home emergency insurance cover?

Different home emergency insurance policies can offer different features. At 24|7 Home Rescue, our home essentials policy covers internal plumbing & drainage, pest infestation, electrical emergencies, and home security.