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Earn £1,000 Per Install +
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You can win more business from customers who want long term peace of mind, or don’t have the cash up front. Not only that, we will pay you £1,000 for each install within 5 days, and supply an Ideal boiler absolutely free.

Installer Club

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£1,000 for each installation (excludes VAT).

This represents a direct contribution to your profit on every job

FREE brand new Ideal Logic boiler (up to the 35kw).

We will even deliver it to a Wolseley branch near your customers address free of charge

FREE standard installation pack (rrp £199).

This is another big part of your costs covered

Win more work.

You will be able to win more work from customers who want long term peace of mind, but also win more work from those customer who need to spread the cost

Sounds Good? What Do Your Customers Get?

Annual Service & Central Heating Plan.

For your customers who want peace of mind, our StayWarm plan comes with 10 years of annual services, and no call out fees for any repairs for their whole central heating – in fact no cost at all if a repair is needed

£0 Deposit

For your customers who don’t want a big upfront bill, there is no deposit when they sign up for the StayWarm plan

Just £55.88 per month

In fact, the only cost to the customer is a simple payment each month of £55.88 which gives them 10 years of boiler plan for their whole central heating, and a new efficient boiler installed

What is the Catch?

There is no catch. When the customer agrees to a 10 year StayWarm plan at £55.88 per month, this allows us to offer all these great benefits. You receive a free boiler, standard installation pack and £1,000.

The customer can spread the cost and have peace of mind for the next 10 years with worry free heating. We can make a fair return over the 10 year period and enjoy a long term relationship with the customer. We feel this truly is a win / win / win for all involved.

We are passionate about helping independent installers grow their business, and giving customers viable alternatives to the likes of British Gas. customers have taken out over 2,000 of our StayWarm plans already. We have also focussed on making the process easy for you, the Installer, whilst boosting your profits and ability to win more work.

Why not call us today on 0333 358 0075 or complete the form. We will send you the Marketing material that enables you to discuss this option with your customers, the Installer Club welcome pack with everything you need to know, and details on the simple process to get you up and running.

Still unsure? With our offer, there is no cost to you to get going – you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. We will also ensure that when you have installed the boiler for a customer on the StayWarm plan, we will get your payment to you within 5 working days of us receiving the sat note.

How the Process Works

Our job is to make it simple for you and your customers.

Offer customer a zero deposit,
£55.88 monthly option

Offer the StayWarm option of £55.88 alongside every new boiler quote you generate. Interested customers apply through us (we aim to make a decision within 10 minutes), and we hand back to you for installation.


We deliver the boiler and installation pack on an agreed date to a Wolseley branch near your customer. You pick it up, install and commission the boiler. Then submit the customer satisfaction note to us.


We pay you £1,000 within 5 days of receiving the customer satisfaction note, and take care of collecting the monthly payments from the customer.

Call today or complete the form now.

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