Heatmiser SmartStat WiFi Thermostat – Glacier White




Heatmiser SmartStat is a WiFi Connected Thermostat that replaces your existing thermostat and programmer and is perfect for those with a combi-boiler.

It has been designed for wired systems, so there are no concerns over replacing batteries.  Simply upgrade your existing thermostat to SmartStat and take control of your heating from anywhere.

  • WiFi Connected Thermostat
  • IFTTT Compatible – Connecting Heatmiser to your Digital World
  • 3A Switching
  • Remote Sensor Connection (Remote probe optional)
  • No Port Forwarding or Fixed IP Address Required
  • Colour LCD
  • Up to 32 SmartStat can be controlled in one location.
  • Geo Location Facility

Control from your SmartPhone – Heatmiser SmartStat has built in WiFi so connects directly to your Home Router. As SmartStat connects to your SmartPhone via our cloud server setup is a dream and will take minutes – no technical setup here. SmartStat is compatible with iPhone & iPad and with Android SmartPhones & Tablets.

Heat or Timer Option –  The SmartStat can be setup to work in either Heat or Timer mode, so is perfect for controlling heating zones or timer zones such as towel rails and hot water.

Auto Dimming – The SmartStat Display can be programmed to automatically dim in low light – making SmartStat perfect for bedrooms.

Frost Protection – Don’t worry we have your home covered. The in built frost protection feature will protect your home against the elements.

Thermostat and Programmer in One – Gone are the days of having a separate programmer and thermostat. SmartStat is both in one so you no longer have to fiddle with the awkwardly positioned thermostat.

Comfort Programming – Now is the time to re-think how you heat your home. SmartStat lets you have different temperatures at different times of the day, not only an energy saving feature but one that creates for a more comfortable living environment too. The Self Learning Optimum Start feature will automatically calculate when your heating should be on, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Geo Location – Geo Location uses the mobile phone masts, nearby WiFi and your GPS to calculate your position. When you setup Geo Location on the SmartStat App, you set a leaving and returning trigger. When you pass these triggers, SmartStat will adjust the temperature in your home automatically.

Multi-Zone & Multi User

Multi-Zone – Up to 32 SmartStats can be controlled within one location without the need for any network hub. Global features such as Temperature Hold, Key Lock and Home/Away are all available on the SmartStat App.

Multi User –  Multiple users can login to the SmartStat App and take control of the heating & hot water from anywhere. In addition, Geo Location can be configured on each persons device meaning the heating is turned off when the last person has left home and back on when the first person returns.