Glow-Worm – G10 Graphite Seal – Installation Included




Benefits of the Seal

  • This is to ensure there is no spillage of any harmful gases from the boiler.
  • CO is a very poisonous gas, and continuous inhalation will lead to fatal casualties.
  • It is an odourless invisible gas which is given off by the boiler in your home.
  • If we are to do a service and the seals have not been replaced we will place an “At risk” sticker on the boiler to ensure this is rectified ASAP
  • Failure to do this will invalidate any manufacturer support

These graphite seals come with a sticker which you put the date which it was installed on, if we encounter these boilers and no sticker is present then the engineer should recommend to replace seal as we have no idea if it has been replaced.