Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)




Landlords are legally required to get all the gas appliances and flues in their residential property portfolio checked every year and provided with a Gas Safety certificate. This gas safety check must be undertaken by a properly-qualified engineer – i.e. one who is on the Gas Safe Register.

So, What is a CP12?

Gas safety records are frequently referred to as CP12 certificates. This name is a little bit out-of-date – CP12 is a shortening of CORGI Proforma 12, and dates back to when CORGI were the main UK body for gas safety matters. However, while gas engineers used to have to be CORGI-registered, this ceased being the case in 2009 in the UK and in 2010 in Guernsey and Northern Ireland, and the Gas Safe Register became the official registration body after this time.

What is a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate?

So other than their name, CP12s and Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificates are the same thing, and have the same requirements – they must be provided to existing tenants within 28 days of their completion, and to new tenants before they move in. They will contain all the results of the annual gas safety checks, and should be supplemented with records of any remedial action taken as a result of the checks.

The Landlord Gas Safety Record, Gas Safety Certificate, CP12 Form, CP12 Certificate, or whatever you would like to call it, can be bought or produced from many retailers. It may only be issued by Gas Safe engineers.